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Strip-It-Clean, Inc. offers many paint removal services to the paint industry and their related products. We provide cleaning, stripping, burn-off and media blasting for all your paint line equipment - including paint fixtures, racks, hooks, and metal parts as well as rubber plug and mask cleaning.  We also strip rust and paint off other metal items such as patio furniture, sculptures, bicycles, antiques, basketball hoops, car parts and more - basically anything that is metal!


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Paint Stripping Burn-Off Services

  • Media Blasting and Hand Sandblasting Services

  • Rubber Plug & Mask Cleaning Service

  • Fabrication/Refurbishing/Repair/Finishing/Parts Protection Services

  • Commercial Pickup and Delivery (within a 50 mile radius)

All our services are completely computerized, so from one piece to a hundred, we've got you covered!  Ask us about our TEST SAMPLE policy too!


  • ​Automotive Manufacturers

  • Motorcycle Manufacturers

  • Truck Manufacturers

  • ATV Manufacturers

  • Snowmobiles Manufacturers

  • Office Furniture Manufacturers

  • Window Manufacturers

  • Garden Tool Manufacturers

  • Heavy Industrial Manufacturers

  • Food Processing Manufacturers




Paint Stripping 
Burn-off Services

This is the first step of the process.  We strip the paint from all your paint line equipment with our heavy duty burn-off oven.  Since our burn-off oven is completely computerized, we can handle anywhere from one to a thousand parts!

If by chance your paint fixture, rack, or part does not fit in the burn-off oven, we will then strip the paint using our unique media blasting process.


Shown above is our 17' Burn Off Oven.

Delivery Trucks


Strip-It-Clean, Inc. offers commercial pick up and delivery within a 50 mile radius.  If you are outside this service area, you can ship your parts to us.  


Media Blasting 


The second step of the process is media blasting. We use a unique media blasting process which is an environmentally friendly, completely dry process with zero discharge to a public water system.


Our process removes ash and dust, leaves parts clean, and has a rust-inhibitor to boot!  Your parts will be primed and ready for paint!


Rubber Plug and 
Mask Cleaning Services


Plugs are our specialty!  

Strip-it-Clean, Inc. can clean rubber paint masks and plugs or covers, without chemicals!  We use a dry masking process using air & plastic media, instead of chemicals, which greatly increases the life of your mask/plug/cover. In addition, your masks will not soften or shrink.  Using this process, you will be able to use the same plugs for a very long time.




Fabrication / Refurbishing / Repair / Finishing / and Parts Protection


Strip-It-Clean, Inc. can fabricate your material handling carts and racks from scratch, or we can refurbish your current equipment for you, depending on your needs.


Fabrication includes complete design and finishing. Refurbishing includes paint stripping your carts, racks, and hooks, repairing them (including welding and mechanical repair), finishing them (repowder painting, adding casters, edge guarding, rubber hoses, padding and more).  We can also add a protective coating for parts protection and letter them with our vinyl decal labeling system so they are ready to go right back to the line.








Eco-Friendly Chemical


Strip-It-Clean, Inc. now offers an eco-friendly, green, multi-metal safe concentrated paint stripping solution formulated to de-laminate cured coatings including powder coating, e-coating and wet-applied cured coatings from aluminum.


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