These are the most frequent questions we get asked about our paint stripping services.  Take a look and see if we have answered yours.  If not, feel free to call us or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer to your question.  Thank you for your interest!


What type of metal can you strip?


We can strip a variety of metals, we prefer STEEL, that is the easiest and lowest cost for us to do.


Can you do Sandblasting?


Our blasting process for most parts is not done with sand, the result is a better finish with a rust inhibitor on your part as an added bonus.  Large parts, like a fence, would be done with sand in a hand blasting room.


Can you paint my parts after they are stripped?

Yes we can have your parts painted with industrial quality POWDER PAINT.  Which would provide a very durable long lasting finish.  Available in many colors and finishes, Gloss, Satin, Matte, etc.. 


I have a set of car rims, can you strip them?

Yes we can, we have a variety of options available for wheels, based on if they are steel or aluminum.


I have some old patio furniture I would like to have re-finished, can you do that?

Yes, we do many, many sets of patio furniture, lawn ornaments, swings, gliders, balconies, etc..  We can strip it and have it ready for paint or we can re-painted it for you too!





We were recently approached by a bakery in the area looking for an easy way to remove baked on pie drippings from the plates that run through their 70 ft conveyor oven.  There were over 300 plates - all weighing about 100 lbs each.  


It was a big undertaking but we were able to use our new 17' Burn Off Oven to strip the plates and return them completely clean and ready to go.  They were thrilled that they did not have to manually scrape and chip the pie drippings with putty knives like they had in the past and said they will definitely contact us when they need to be cleaned again.  


We both were very happy with the results!  Take a look at our pictures of the plates shown in Gallery - Misc.

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